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Author: Dennis Partridge

Biography of Samuel F. Burkhart of St. Joseph Township, Ohio

Samuel F. Burkhart, brother of Joseph Burkhart, was born in Crawford County, Ohio, near Bucyrus, June 6, 1862, and at the age of seven years came with his parents to Saint Joseph Township, where he acquired his early knowledge of books, and became acquainted with the various branches of agriculture. Mr. Burkhart married Lena Landel.

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Biography of Joseph Burkhart of St. Joseph Township, Ohio

A prominent and prosperous agriculturist, and an extensive land holder, Joseph Burkhart, of St. Joseph Township, is widely known as proprietor of Twin Elm Farm, which consists of 260 acres of land, twenty acres of which lies in Dekalb County, Indiana. He also owns another farm of 240 acres in the same township, and is carrying on general farming and stock raising most successfully. A son of George Burkhart, he was born, May 12, 1858, in Crawford County, Ohio, where he lived until twelve years of age. Born and educated in Pennsylvania, George Burkhart came to Ohio in early...

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Biography of C. H. Boone of Montpelier, Ohio

C. H. Boone, proprietor of the Boone Lumber Company, at Montpelier, Ohio, was born near Wooster, Wayne County, Ohio, on December 29, 1849, and is the son of Thomas and Anna (Criss) Boone. These parents were both natives of Pennsylvania, where they were reared to maturity and were married. Eventually they came to Ohio, settling near Wooster, where they engaged in farming and where they spent the remainder of their lives. They were faithful members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and Mr. Boone gave his support to the republican party. They were parents of the following children : W. S., of Montpelier, Ohio; Elizabeth, the wife of E. D. Pinkerton, of Wooster, Ohio; C. H., the subject of this sketch; Ruth A., deceased; Joseph N., of Akron, Ohio; Mattie, the wife of Dr. Bucher, of Wheat-field, Indiana; Lucy, the wife of George Getts, of Massilon, Ohio.

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Biography of Henry W. Ellis of Bryan, Ohio

Henry W. Ellis was born at Fayette, Fulton County, Ohio, November 30, 1861, a son of Philip and Anna (Holden) Ellis, natives of Lincolnshire, England, where they were reared, educated and married. The parents came to the United States in 1856 and located at Fayette, Ohio, subsequently going to Lyons, where both died, the mother in 1871. They were members first of the Methodist Episcopal Church and later of the United Brethren Church, and Mr. Ellis became a republican in politics after coming to this country. Of the four children in the family, three are living: John T. and William O., residents of Seattle, Washington; and Henry W. of Bryan, Ohio.

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Biography of Leland S. Houlton of Edgerton, Ohio

An esteemed and highly respected resident of Edgerton, Williams County, Leland S. Houlton was for many years actively engaged in agricultural pursuits. A native of Indiana, he was born, February 11, 1887, in Franklin Township, Dekalb County, Indiana, a son of Lewis and Rhoda (Martin) Houlton. His grandfather, John Houlton, was in very truth a pioneer of that township, he having been the first white man to locate in Dekalb County, Indiana, while his son Samuel, a half brother of Lewis Houlton, was the first white child born in Franklin Township.

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Biography of Martin T. Hodson of Pioneer, Ohio

Because of the extent and quality of his usefulness, his commercial soundness and acumen, his public spirit and integrity, and his nearness to the fundamental requirements of citizenship, Martin T. Hodson, president of the Pioneer Banking Company, of Pioneer, Ohio, affords an encouraging example of success gained through the proper use of every-day abilities and opportunities. Of Mr. Hodson it may be said that his career is a response both to his early teaching and to the needs of his environment. He was born on a farm in Bridgewater Township, Williams County, Ohio, four miles southwest of Pioneer, December...

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Biography of F. M. Bruns of Stryker, Ohio

Eliel T. Binns was born at Leroy, Medina County, Ohio, September 16, 1850, and is a son of Samuel and Ellen (Taylor) Binns, both of whom were born in England, and in the same year, 1817. On December 30, 1908, Mr. F. M. Bruns was married to Ruth E. Royce, who was a graduate of the Stryker High School and later a student of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

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Biography of Eliel T. Binns of Bryan, Ohio

Eliel T. Binns, who is now living virtually retired at Bryan, the judicial center of Williams County, was for forty years a representative merchant of this village, even as he has been loyal and progressive as a citizen. He was born at Leroy, Medina County, Ohio, September 16, 1850, and is a son of Samuel and Ellen (Taylor) Binns, both of whom were born in England, and in the same year, 1817. The parents were reared and educated in their native land, where their marriage was solemnized, and whence, in 1837, they immigrated to the United States and first...

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Biography of Curtis D. Gardner of Bryan, Ohio

On the old homestead farm of his father, in Center Township, Williams County, Curtis D. Gardner was born March 2, 1852, a son of Moses and Jane (Taylor) Gardner, who were born and reared in Pennsylvania, where their marriage was solemnized and whence they came to Williams County, Ohio, within a short time thereafter. In 1874 was solemnized the marriage of Mr. Gardner to Miss Ida J. Mills, a daughter of the late Hugh Mills, of Williams County.

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Biography of J. Arter Weaver of Montpelier, Ohio

Judge Weaver was born at Montpelier, Williams County, Ohio, April 20, 1885, and is a son of Jacob F. and Hattie L. (Arter) Weaver, he having been but six days old at the time of his mother’s death, and having then been taken into the home of his paternal grand-mother, with whom he remained until her death, when he was four years of age. Again deprived of fostering care, the future probate judge was then taken in charge by his aunt, Mrs. Addie C. (Weaver) Gilcher, whose husband was a prosperous farmer southeast of Montpelier. There he remained until he was thirteen years old, and in the meanwhile he had attended school and also begun to gain experience in connection with farm operations.

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