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Author: Dennis Partridge

Biography of George W. Custar of Florence Township, Ohio

George W. Custar of Florence Township, three miles northeast from Edon, was born October 12, 1859, in Superior Township. He is a son of John and Lydia (Tumbleson) Custer. On July 4, 1883, Mr. Custar married Lillie McCamis, a daughter of John and Louisa (Hare) McCamis. Mr. and Mrs. Custar have two children.

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Biography of Walter S. Tomlinson of Williams Center, Ohio

Walter S. Tomlinson, breeder of Holstein Friesians and a farmer upon an extensive scale, owns one of the best stock farms in Defiance County, which is located three-fourths of a mile southeast of Williams Center, Defiance County, Ohio. He was born at Bryan, Ohio, on June 16, 1843, a son of Giles Hawkins Tomlinson. Mr. Tomlinson was married to Emily Lane of Williams County, Ohio, and they had two children. The first Mrs. Tomlinson died on December 10, 1905. In 1908 Mr. Tomlinson was married to Loretta Coy, widow of Albert Coy, who was born in Melford Township, Defiance County, Ohio, on January 24, 1853.

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Biography of Fred Planson of Stryker, Ohio

Fred Planson, son of the late Peter Planson, was born, April 29, 1883, on the farm adjoining the one he now owns and occupies. Mr. Planson married, November 24, 1904, Alice E. Peugeot, who was born and educated in Brady Township, Ohio, and into the household thus established (1918) four children have been born.

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Biography of William Felger of Brady Township, Ohio

Mr. Felger was born in Brady Township, Williams County, Ohio, one mile north of West Unity, June 29, 1853, a son of Henry and Susanna (Herman) Felger. Mr. Felger married Sarah Billman, of Wayne County, Ohio, and they had three children. Mrs. Felger died June 28, 1904, and Mr. Felger later married Ina L. Miller. They have had no children.

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Biography of Franklin Knecht of Florence Township, Ohio

Franklin Knecht, was born July 9, 1855, in Crawford County. He is a son of John G. and Mary (Fouser) Knecht, the parents both born and brought up in Germany. he married Barbara Knoblich who was born in Florence Township and had always lived in Williams County. They had three children.

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Biography of Grant S. Kintigh of Northwest Township, Ohio

Mr. Kintigh, whose farm home is a mile east and a half mile south of Cooney, was born in Northwest Township September 16, 1868, son of William and Susanna (Shaffer) Kintigh, the former a native of Pennsylvania and the latter of Ohio. In 1893 Mr. Kintigh married Miss Jennie Houtz, who was born in Camden, Michigan, and was also a teacher before her marriage. They have two talented children.

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Biography of Wesley Casebere of Edgerton, Ohio

Owning a farm of ninety-four acres, Wesley Casebere, of Edgerton, Williams County, is still actively engaged in work upon which the health, wealth and general prosperity of our nation is largely dependent. A son of William Casebere, he was born, July 12, 1848, in Troy Township, Dekalb County, Indiana. Mr. Casebere married Mrs. Medora (Williams) Geiger, who was born in Licking County, Ohio, in 1847, and came with her parents to Williams County, Ohio, in 1856.

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Biography of William M. Kurtz of St. Joseph Township, Ohio

Mr. Kurtz, whose home is a mile and three-quarters southeast of Edgerton, was born in Milford Township, Defiance County, Ohio, March 24, 1871. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kurtz, were natives of Germany and were married in that country. January 23, 1898, he married Martha M. Fisher, who was born in Center Township of Williams County, February 3, 1878, daughter of Michael and Mary (Laufer) Fisher. They have two children.

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