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Author: Dennis Partridge

York, Athens County, Ohio Genealogy

Prominent among the early citizens of York was Mr. James Knight. He was born in Pulborough, England, and emigrated to the United States when thirty-two years old, came immediately to York township, and settled here in July,...

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York, Athens County, Ohio History

This township was a part of Ames until 1811, and then, on the organization of Dover, became a part of the latter township. York was separately organized in June, 1818, and the first election for township officers was held at the...

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Athens County, Ohio Vital Records

Athens County, Ohio Birth Records The BMD Project Athens County, Ohio Birth records from the BMD project. Ohio, Athens – Birth Records – Family History Library Catalog Athens County, Ohio birth records Bowman, Mary L...

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Troy, Athens County, Ohio Genealogy and History

This township was settled under the auspices of the Ohio Company in the year 1798-about a year after the settlement of Athens and Ames. Some events connected with its history can, however, be traced back to a period nearly...

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Trimble, Athens County, Ohio Genealogy

Jonathan Watkins, Sen., came from Athens township in 1803, and settled in the lower part of Trimble, and soon after Eliphalet Wheeler settled near him. Mr. Watkins was a blacksmith, but, like most of the early settlers,...

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Trimble, Athens County, Ohio History

Trimble township was originally a part of Ames, from which it was stricken off and separately organized in April, 1827, It lies at the extreme northern limit of the county, on the waters of Sunday creek, the main branch of which...

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Rome, Athens County, Ohio Genealogy

The first person who settled in what is now Rome township was David Dailey, a veteran soldier of the revolution, and decidedly ” a character.” Born in Vermont in 1750, he removed to western New York after his...

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Rome, Athens County, Ohio History

Rome was formed from a portion of the township of Troy in 18 11. The first entry on the subject, in the records of the county commissioners, is as follows: “Thursday, April 4, 1811.-Ordered by the commissioners, That so...

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Passage of Hockhocking River

In early times, and for many years after the organization of the county, the passage of the river was made by ferry boats-little scows which were poled and rowed across. In 1800 there was a ferry kept by old Arthur Coates...

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