Dover, Athens County, Ohio Genealogy

Dover, Athens County, Ohio Genealogy Daniel Weethee was born in New Hampshire in 1779. He was a cooper by trade, and saved money enough, during his youth, to buy a tract of land in what is now Dover township. At the age of nineteen he set out for the northwestern territory, made the tedious journey on foot and alone, and reached Marietta about the middle of December, 1798. The next spring he and another young man, Josiah True, came out to Dover, traveling through the woods by the aid of a compass. Arrived here they built a log cabin for …

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Athens, Athens County, Ohio Genealogy

Miscellaneous Biographies and Genealogy for the township of Athens, Athens County, Ohio, posted at Free Genealogy Dr. Manasseh Cutler Eliphaz Perkins Rev. Jacob Lindley John Brown J. G. Brown Jonathan Wilkins Calvary Morris Capt. Isaac Barker Hull Foster Miscellaneous Genealogies and Biographies John Perkins, son of Dr. Eliphaz Perkins, was born in Leicester, Vermont, in 1791, and came to the town of Athens with his father’s family in the year 1800. His father located at Athens on account of the prospective establishment of the Ohio university here, and since that time two of his sons, five grandsons and two great-grandsons …

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Alexander, Athens County, Ohio Genealogy

Alexander, Athens County, Ohio GenealogyProminent among the early citizens of York was Mr. James Knight. He was born in Pulborough, England, and emigrated to the United States when thirty-two years old, came immediately to York township, and settled here in July, 1821. He became at once thoroughly identified with the interests of the township, and especially of Nelsonville, and during his residence here was one of the most active and influential citizens, participating earnestly in the local improvements and social movements of the day, such as the building of bridges, school and meeting houses, the establishment of Sunday and day …

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Ames, Athens County, Ohio Genealogy

Ephraim Cutler, known in the early history of Athens county as Judge Cutler, was the oldest son of Dr. Manasseh Cutler, and was born at Edgartown, Duke’s county; Massachusetts, April 12th, 1767. He did not receive A collegiate education, but, being an industrious reader; he acquired during youth considerable mental culture, and a large store of useful knowledge. From the age of three years he lived with his grandparents, at Killingly, Connecticut, both of whom he was wont to mention in after life with great respect and affection. His grandfather was a pure and pious man, and an ardent patriot. …

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