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History of Bryan Ohio

At the session of the Ohio General Assembly, which convened on the first Monday of December, 1839, three Commissioners were appointed, by a joint resolution, to review and permanently locate the seats of justice of Williams and Lucas Counties. These Commissioners were Joseph Bums, of Coshocton; James Culbertson, of Perry, and Joseph McCutchen, of Crawford. Since the organization of Williams County, the seat of justice had been at Defiance; but that place, geographically, was a border town, and difficult and expensive of approach to the growing population of the interior, and all the northern, and most of the eastern and …

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Athens County, Ohio Land Records

Land Records hosted at Access Free Genealogy 1804 Ordinance Selling Land Lots in Athens 1806 2nd Ordinance Selling Land Lots in Athens Athens County Land Records This is an index to the available records for Athens County, Ohio that are online at Bureau of Land Management‘s website. Additional information, including images of the land transaction, and links to order hard copies of these land records can be found at their website. ALLEN, ANDREW OH Athens 10/2/1826 Marietta 417 OH0010__.416 ARNOLD, BENNET P OH Athens 3/20/1837 Marietta 2724 OH0060__.222 ARNOLD, MARY A OH Athens 8/21/1837 Marietta 3242 OH1100__.206 BAILEY, WILLIAM B …

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