Trimble, Athens County, Ohio History

Trimble township was originally a part of Ames, from which it was stricken off and separately organized in April, 1827, It lies at the extreme northern limit of the county, on the waters of Sunday creek, the main branch of which runs, somewhat centrally, from north to south, through the township. It was named after Governor Allen Trimble, one of the early governors of Ohio. The first settlement made in this township was by Solomon Tuttle, Sen., in 1802. He, with his son, Cyrus Tuttle, and his brother, Nial Tuttle, all from Vermont, settled on the main creek. Soon after …

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Trimble, Athens County, Ohio Genealogy

Jonathan Watkins, Sen., came from Athens township in 1803, and settled in the lower part of Trimble, and soon after Eliphalet Wheeler settled near him. Mr. Watkins was a blacksmith, but, like most of the early settlers, occasionally engaged in hunting. He shot a buffalo soon after settling in Trimble, and broke its fore leg. He pursued the animal, thus crippled, from Green’s run in Trimble township, across Wolf plains, and over the Hockhocking some distance, but failed to capture it. Samuel Clark settled here about 1820. James Bosworth, from Fall River, Massachusetts, came here in 18 2 1, but, …

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