York, Athens County, Ohio History

This township was a part of Ames until 1811, and then, on the organization of Dover, became a part of the latter township. York was separately organized in June, 1818, and the first election for township officers was held at the house of Ebenezer Blackstone. The population in 1820 was 341; in 1830 it was 871; in 1840 it was 1,601; in 1850 it was 1,391; in 1860 it was 1,836. The township is traversed by the Hocking Valley canal, which crosses it from northeast to southwest, and has heretofore furnished an excellent outlet for the coal which is mined …

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York, Athens County, Ohio Genealogy

Prominent among the early citizens of York was Mr. James Knight. He was born in Pulborough, England, and emigrated to the United States when thirty-two years old, came immediately to York township, and settled here in July, 1821. He became at once thoroughly identified with the interests of the township, and especially of Nelsonville, and during his residence here was one of the most active and influential citizens, participating earnestly in the local improvements and social movements of the day, such as the building of bridges, school and meeting houses, the establishment of Sunday and day schools, etc. He kept …

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