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Robert K Scott

The Scott Story

This article delves into the life of Robert K. Scott, a Civil War Major-General and controversial Governor of South Carolina during Reconstruction. Known for his mixed legacy, Scott faced corruption in his administration and later, legal challenges in Ohio. A notable incident in his life involved the fatal shooting of Warren Drury, leading to a divisive trial and his eventual acquittal. The phrase “He went SCOTT free” emerged from this trial, reflecting the contentious nature of his acquittal. The article also touches on Scott’s philanthropy and a failed lynching attempt against him, illustrating the complexity of his life and times.

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A horse pulling a boat

History of Napolean Ohio, 1863-1963

This historical account traces the town’s journey from its early days, marked by the presence of Native Americans and the arrival of European traders and settlers, through its development into a bustling community by the mid-20th century. The narrative delves into the transformation of the region, known as the “Great Black Swamp,” into a thriving settlement, highlighting key events, industrial growth, and the cultural evolution of the town. It provides insights into the challenges and triumphs faced by the early inhabitants, including the displacement of Native Americans, the establishment of the town’s infrastructure, and the growth of local industries and businesses.

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