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Centennial History vol 2 title page

Biography of William H. Smith

Meet William H. Smith, Newark’s own embodiment of the American dream, born to Irish immigrants in 1858. Rising from his educational roots to president of the P. Smith Sons Lumber Company, William has been pivotal in fostering both his family’s legacy and Newark’s prosperity. His leadership extended beyond the lumber industry, influencing local commerce and community welfare as president of the Board of Trade. Married twice, with a legacy of children continuing his industrious path, William’s life story intertwines personal triumphs with his unwavering commitment to Newark’s development, marking him a respected figure in both business and civic circles.

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Centennial History vol 2 title page

Biography of Thomas G. Fleming

Thomas G. Fleming, a key player in Licking County’s agriculture, epitomizes a legacy in breeding standardbred horses and Polled Durham cattle. Born on July 4, 1857, in Perry Township, his deep familial roots have flourished into a notable partnership with his father and brother, making them prominent livestock dealers in Ohio. His marriage to Bertha Stump in 1883 marked the beginning of transforming a 234-acre farm into a beacon of agricultural excellence. A pragmatic voter, Fleming supports the Republican Party nationally but opts for capability over party in local elections. His leadership in the Licking County Agricultural Society underscores his commitment to the community’s agricultural advancement.

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Centennial History vol 2 title page

Biography of Arthur Clarence Hatch

Arthur Clarence Hatch has significantly influenced Newark’s media scene as the business manager of the American Tribune for over two decades. Born on September 27, 1863, in Milford, New Hampshire, into a family with deep patriotic roots, Hatch’s journey from bookkeeper to media executive underscores a legacy of commitment and innovation. His strategic leadership has been pivotal to the newspaper’s success, reflecting a blend of heritage and dedication. Beyond his professional contributions, Hatch, a family man and community participant, exemplifies the integration of personal values with civic engagement, embodying the essence of impactful leadership in the realm of journalism and community service.

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Centennial History vol 2 title page

Biography of George Duncan Heisey

George Duncan Heisey, Newark’s postmaster and a dynamic figure in the city’s business scene, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on February 18, 1882. The son of August H. Heisey, a notable industrialist in the table glassware sector, George’s early life was marked by extensive education, culminating at Lehigh University. Transitioning to business, he significantly contributed to his family’s glassworks in Newark before his tenure as postmaster, a role appointed by President Roosevelt in 1904, thanks to his political endeavors. Involved in various enterprises, including the Newark Heat and Light and Newark Drilling Companies, Heisey embodies a blend of innovation, leadership, and civic engagement, reflecting his commitment to both business excellence and community welfare.

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Centennial History vol 2 title page

Biography of Christopher R. Stark

The Stark family, deeply rooted in Licking County’s history, has notably contributed to its development since its early days. Christopher R. Stark, born in 1825, epitomized the essence of dedicated citizenship and agricultural innovation until his death. A descendant of Joshua Stark, who ventured from Connecticut in 1817 and established a successful life in Ohio, Christopher continued the legacy on the family farm, incorporating modern practices and excelling in cattle farming. Married to Mary Partridge, their lineage furthered the family’s impact on local agriculture and community affairs. Christopher’s life reflects the Stark family’s enduring influence on Licking County’s prosperity and agricultural heritage.

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Charles T Chapin

Biography of Charles T. Chapin

Explore the life of Charles T. Chapin, born in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1823, and a descendant of English settler Samuel Chapin. His journey from a diligent youth in Massachusetts to a pioneering figure in Ohio and the West embodies the American spirit of independence. Married to Emeline Rose, whose lineage ties back to Licking County’s first settlers, Charles’s story weaves through American history, showcasing his contributions in education and agriculture. This article celebrates Charles T. Chapin’s legacy, highlighting the resilience and pioneering spirit of early American families.

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Centennial History vol 2 title page

Biography of W. A. Lovett

W. A. Lovett, working energetically and persistently to attain that success which is the legitimate goal of all business industry, is now conducting a laundry in Newark. He was born October 30, 1837, in Mansfield, Ohio, a son of John W. and Lydia (Gray) Lovett, both of whom were natives of New York. Following their marriage, they removed to Ohio in 1835, settling in Richland county among its early residents, for the work of improvement was still in its primitive stages when they took up their home there. The father followed the occupation of farming in that county until his

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Centennial History vol 2 title page

Biography of Perry Peck

Perry Peck is the owner of one of the fine farms of Licking county, having one hundred acres of valuable land in Harrison township about three miles from Pataskala. Upon his place he has all modern equipment known to the model farm of the twentieth century and here he is extensively engaged in stock-raising, making a specialty of American Merino sheep, Jersey cows and Duroc Jersey Red hogs. His business interests, most carefully conducted, are proving to him a profitable source of revenue. Mr. Peck was born in Union township, this county, May 2, 1854. His paternal grandparents were Solomon

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Centennial History vol 2 title page

Biography of Hon. Charles W. Seward

Hon. Charles W. Seward, formerly probate judge and now serving for the second term as judge of the common pleas court of Licking county, is a prominent representative of the bar of this section of the state. Devotedly attached to his profession, systematic and methodical in habit, sober and discreet in judgment, calm in temper, diligent in research, conscientious in the discharge of every duty, courteous and kind in demeanor, and inflexibly just on all occasions, these qualities have enabled Judge Seward to take high rank among those who have won judicial honors or have practiced before the courts of

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