Biography of George Duncan Heisey

George Duncan Heisey, Newark’s postmaster and a dynamic figure in the city’s business scene, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on February 18, 1882. The son of August H. Heisey, a notable industrialist in the table glassware sector, George’s early life was marked by extensive education, culminating at Lehigh University. Transitioning to business, he significantly contributed to his family’s glassworks in Newark before his tenure as postmaster, a role appointed by President Roosevelt in 1904, thanks to his political endeavors. Involved in various enterprises, including the Newark Heat and Light and Newark Drilling Companies, Heisey embodies a blend of innovation, leadership, and civic engagement, reflecting his commitment to both business excellence and community welfare.

George Duncan Heisey, postmaster of Newark, and also connected with other business interests of importance in the city, was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, February 18, 1882. He is a son of August H. and Susan N. (Duncan) Heisey, who were also natives of Pittsburgh. The father is one of the prominent representatives of industrial and commercial activity in Newark, being president of the firm of A. H. Heisey & Company, manufacturers of fine table glassware.

In his youth, George D. Heisey was afforded liberal educational privileges, pursuing his studies in Lehigh University, at South Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He put aside his textbooks in 1898 in order to return to Newark as manager of the glassworks, which had been established here by his father, and continued to capably fill that position until the fall of 1907, when he became ill with typhoid fever which incapacitated him for business for several months. He has displayed keen discernment in control of intricate business problems and has manifested a spirit of enterprise in all he has undertaken. He regards no position as final, believing always in the opportunity for further improvement and laboring ever toward reaching a higher standard. He is treasurer of A. H. Heisey & Company, incorporated, and interested in A. H. Heisey & Company, the Newark Heat and Light Company, and the Newark Drilling Company. In 1904 he was appointed postmaster of Newark by President Roosevelt at the solicitation of Congressman M. L. Smyser, for whose election he was largely responsible, laboring earnestly to secure the success of Mr. Smyser, who is the only Republican ever elected to Congress from this district. Mr. Heisey brought to his official duties the same spirit of determination and energy which characterized him in his control of business affairs, and the duties of the office have been capably administered. He belongs to the Tau Nu Epsilon and is well known in the social circles of Newark, his friends being almost as many as his acquaintances. In all he does, he is actuated by a spirit of determination and enterprise that enables him to overcome difficulties and obstacles and press continuously forward to the goal. In matters of citizenship, he is public-spirited and cooperates in many movements for the general good.


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