Biography of William F. Bierly

William F. Bierly was an experienced and conservative banker who played a significant role in the success of the People’s Bank of Pleasant City in Ohio. Born in Mineral City in 1860, Bierly spent much of his life in the banking and mercantile industries before being sent to Pleasant City in 1892 to manage the interests of George J. Markley. Bierly remained with the bank until his death and was widely respected for his integrity, financial acumen, and community leadership.

To the business efficiency of William F. Bierly, the cashier of the People’s Bank of Pleasant City, the institution owes much of its success and its soundness as a financial institution. Mr. Bierly is a man of experience in financial matters, conservative and safe in judgment, and of the highest integrity.

William F. Bierly was born at Mineral City, Ohio, on December 9, 1869, the son of John and Louisa (Spies) Bierly, still well-known residents of Mineral City. He grew up in his native town. After leaving school, he was engaged in his father’s store at Mineral City, and on reaching manhood took a place in a bank in the same town, where he remained until 1892. In that year, he came to Pleasant City in the interests of George J. Markley, of Mineral City, who was among the first to develop the coal industry in the region of Pleasant City. Mr. Markley was also engaged in mercantile business here, owning a large store in the lower end of the city, and in the center of the store was a bank. In order to look after these varied interests, Mr. Bierly was sent to Pleasant City. In February, the store and other buildings were destroyed by fire, and the business was transferred to the corner of Mill and Main streets, where R. O. Knott’s store is now located, and there they remained until 1904, when they erected the present handsome structure occupied by the bank and the post office.

Mr. Bierly has been cashier of the bank ever since it was organized, and as Mr. Markley is a non-resident, he is practically in entire charge of its affairs. Aside from the banking business, he is also interested to a considerable extent on his own account in real estate in various localities. Financially, he has prospered because of his able management of business affairs.

In 1898, Mr. Bierly was married to Lillian Secrest, the daughter of Joseph B. and Minerva (Spring) Secrest. She was born at Pleasant City and there grew to womanhood. Her father is a son of Harrison and Mary E. (Allison) Secrest, early residents whose parents were pioneers of Pleasant City, and has lived in the city of his birth all his life. The Secrest family is widely known and highly esteemed in Guernsey County. Mr. and Mrs. Bierly have two daughters, Pauline and Countess. Both Mr. and Mrs. Bierly are faithful members of the Lutheran church, and at present, Mr. Bierly is the superintendent of the Sunday school.

In his business relations, Mr. Bierly is a man of influence in his community, and his contact with others is refined and courteous. His integrity is unquestioned, and he enjoys the fullest confidence of those who know him. It is a trait of his family that their word, once given, must never be broken, and in the keeping of a man of this character, no financial institution could fail to be safe and established on a sound basis.


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