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Guernsey County Biographies

We are actively publishing online the biographies from volume 2 of A History of Guernsey County, Ohio by Cyrus P. B. Sarchet.

Biographies of Guernsey County Ohio

Licking County Biographies

We are actively publishing online the biographies from volume 2 of Centennial History of the City of Newark and Licking County, Ohio by Edwin M. P. Brister.

Biographies of Licking County Ohio

Williams County Biographies

We are actively publishing online the biographies from volume 2 of A Standard History of Williams County, Ohio by Charles A. Bowersox.

Biographies of Williams County Ohio

Featured Ohio Genealogy:

A Book of Clevelanders, A Biographical Dictionary of Living Men of the City of Cleveland
The remarks following each name are autobiographical. Not a word has been added and except for unimportant changes affecting the phraseology employed, every man’s description is his own.

Athens County, Ohio History and Genealogy
Our first county for Ohio, the vast majority of information on this website is based upon History of Athens County, Ohio, by Charles M. Walker, Cincinnati, R. Clarke, 1869

Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812
The roster of the war of 1812 for Ohio consisted of a total of 26,280 men who enlisted from Ohio to assist the nation in this war. They comprised of 3 regiments, 464 companies, 13 cavalry troops, and 1 artillery battery. This dataset has broken up this list for easier perusal by the company, troop, or battery of the soldiers.

World War II Army and Army Air Corps Casualty Lists
Ohio honor List of Army and Army Air Corps during World War 2.

World War II Navy, Marines and Nurses Casualty Lists
Ohio honor List of Navy, Marines, and Nurses during World War 2

Neighboring States

The following states are neighbors of Ohio and are not listed below as part of the Great Lakes Genealogy.

Great Lakes Genealogy

Biographical Sketches of Pleasant Hill Church Pastors

Compiled by Rev. William B. Hastings in 1953, the biographies detail the lives and tenures of early pastors of Pleasant Hill Methodist Church. The first pastor, Rev. Wm. H. Evans, held significant positions and contributed literature, while his successor, Rev. George Waddle, brought Reform ideals to the congregation. Rev. John Wilson was noted for his physical and moral courage, often defending his flock against opposition. Subsequent pastors like Rev. Moses Scott and Rev. Cornelius Woodruff were known for their educational or pastoral contributions. Each biography highlights individual achievements, challenges, and contributions to the church from its inception through the late…
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History of the Pleasant Hill Methodist Church

Pleasant Hill Church is (1953) located on County Road #73, six miles west of Freeport in Section 10, Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio. The location of Pleasant Hill Methodist Church is in the northeast corner of Washington Township, Guernsey County, Ohio. This township, being the northeast township of said county, places the church almost in the corner of said county, not far from where Guernsey and Tuscarawas corners; and one half mile west of the Harrison County line, on the north side of the Freeport and Birmingham road, and about midway between the two places. This was one of the…

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Biography of William H. Upton

William H. Upton, born February 16, 1863, in Staffordshire, England, was a distinguished citizen of Cambridge, Ohio. The son of William and Mary (Turner) Upton, he started working in iron mills at age nine. In 1892, Upton emigrated to the U.S., initially settling in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, before moving to Cambridge, where he worked for the Morton Tin Plate Company and its successors. He married Emily Hartill on March 26, 1882, and they had ten children. A dedicated member of the Methodist Church, Upton was known for his expertise in the mills and his strong community involvement. He became a U.S….
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Biography of William H. Turner

William H. Turner, born January 1, 1850, in Cambridge, Ohio, was a prominent figure in the mining industry and local politics. The son of George and Eliza Jane (Porter) Turner, he began working in coal mines at age ten and became an expert in mining techniques and safety. Turner played a key role in establishing the Ohio Department of Mines and served as an assistant inspector for thirteen years. He was instrumental in forming the Ohio Miners Association and held various leadership positions. Turner married twice, first to Malissa O. Davis and later to Eva A. Earl, raising a family…
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Biography of William F. Bierly

William F. Bierly was an experienced and conservative banker who played a significant role in the success of the People’s Bank of Pleasant City in Ohio. Born in Mineral City in 1860, Bierly spent much of his life in the banking and mercantile industries before being sent to Pleasant City in 1892 to manage the interests of George J. Markley. Bierly remained with the bank until his death and was widely respected for his integrity, financial acumen, and community leadership.
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Biography of Thomas Austin Bonnell

Thomas Austin Bonnell, born January 1, 1875, in Madison Township, Guernsey County, is a prominent lawyer and politician. The son of Thomas C. and Jennie Boyd Bonnell, he grew up on a farm and began teaching at eighteen. He studied law under Rosemond & Bell and Judge J. W. Troette, being admitted to the bar in January 1906. Bonnell is known for his dedication to education and his legal expertise. In 1910, he was elected as a Republican representative to the Ohio Legislature. He married Aurelia Wirick on September 6, 1899, and they have one son, Bollo W.
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