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Ohio is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for Ohio ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in Ohio history.

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Featured Ohio Genealogy:

A Book of Clevelanders, A Biographical Dictionary of Living Men of the City of Cleveland
The remarks following each name are autobiographical. Not a word has been added and except for unimportant changes affecting the phraseology employed, every man’s description is his own.

Athens County, Ohio History and Genealogy
Our first county for Ohio, the vast majority of information on this website is based upon History of Athens County, Ohio, by Charles M. Walker, Cincinnati, R. Clarke, 1869

Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812
The roster of the war of 1812 for Ohio consisted of a total of 26,280 men who enlisted from Ohio to assist the nation in this war. They comprised of 3 regiments, 464 companies, 13 cavalry troops, and 1 artillery battery. This dataset has broken up this list for easier perusal by the company, troop, or battery of the soldiers.

World War II Army and Army Air Corps Casualty Lists
Ohio honor List of Army and Army Air Corps during World War 2.

World War II Navy, Marines and Nurses Casualty Lists
Ohio honor List of Navy, Marines, and Nurses during World War 2

Neighboring States

The following states are neighbors of Ohio and are not listed below as part of the Great Lakes Genealogy.

Great Lakes Genealogy

Biography of Prof. Bert M. Thompson

Prof. Bert M. Thompson was a prominent figure in the field of education in Ohio. He was born in 1881 in Senecaville, Guernsey County, and had a strong educational background, having attended the Senecaville High School, the National Normal University, and the normal college in Athens, Ohio. He began teaching in 1900 and served as superintendent of the public schools of Byesville, Ohio, from 1908 to 1913. During his tenure, he worked to raise the standard of education in the area, and his efforts resulted in the construction of a new high school building and the expansion of the teaching…
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Biography of Judge James W. Campbell

James W. Campbell was a prominent citizen of Guernsey County, Ohio, known for his judgment, sound discretion, and public spirit. Despite facing numerous challenges in his life, he fought his way to eminence through hard work and determination. After serving in the army, he worked as a printer, editor, and lawyer, eventually becoming one of the most respected legal professionals in Ohio. He also succeeded in business, serving as a director and officer for various important eastern corporations. Later in life, he invested extensively in California orange and oil properties. Throughout his career, he was motivated by lofty ideals, making…
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Biography of Charles L. Casey

Charles L. Casey was a prominent businessman in Cambridge, Ohio, known for his energy, business acumen, and his role in the development of the “Guernsey” earthenware, a variety of practical and sanitary cooking utensils. This biography provides a detailed account of his life, including his education, early career, and his achievements as the president and general manager of The Guernsey Earthenware Company. Casey’s contributions to the industrial and public life of Cambridge are also highlighted, demonstrating his status as a public-spirited citizen and influential figure in his community.
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Biography of John Perry Mahaffey

John Perry Mahaffey, born in 1845 in Cambridge, Ohio, was a hardworking man who sought success through honest means, living by the Golden Rule and following the example set by his ancestors. He learned the printer’s trade after receiving a common school education and became proficient in it. Mahaffey was a prominent Democrat, serving as clerk of courts of Guernsey County and as a state senator. He was also a patriotic soldier during the Civil War, and a member of various fraternal organizations and the Methodist Episcopal Church. He purchased the Cambridge Herald in 1882 and made it a successful…
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Biography of John Emmett Gable, M.D., D.O.

Dr. John Emmett Gable was a renowned osteopathic and general physician who rose to eminence in his chosen field of endeavor. Born in 1867 in Guernsey County, Ohio, he graduated from the American School of Osteopathy in 1902, before going on to complete his medical training at Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital in Chicago. He opened his own practice in Cambridge, Ohio, where he was known for his profound knowledge and expertise in osteopathy and homeopathy. This is a brief introduction to his life and career, which is detailed further in the following biography.
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Biography of John C. Beckett

John C. Beckett was a prominent businessman and public figure in Cambridge and Guernsey County, Ohio in the late 19th century. Born on August 21, 1842, on a farm in Monroe County, Ohio, Beckett worked in the mercantile business before being elected auditor of Guernsey County in 1879. He later became involved in the steel industry, promoting and building the Cambridge Iron and Steel Company and the Morton Tin Plate Company. He eventually moved to Wharton County, Texas, where he had extensive land interests and was involved in rice culture. Beckett was a Republican and active in public affairs, and…
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