Biographies of Licking County Ohio

We are actively publishing online the biographies from volume 2 of Centennial History of the City of Newark and Licking County, Ohio by Edwin M. P. Brister. County histories are a treasure trove for genealogists, offering a glimpse into the lives of ancestors and the communities they inhabited. By carefully utilizing these biographies, researchers can piece together family histories, understand the socio-economic backdrop of their ancestors’ lives, and connect with the past in a meaningful way. With patience and thorough investigation, the stories uncovered can enrich family narratives for generations to come.

While county histories are rich in information, they also have limitations. The biographical sketches were often submitted by the families themselves and might emphasize positive aspects while omitting less favorable details. Additionally, not all families were included, typically favoring those who were more prominent or could afford to pay for inclusion.

The biographical sketches usually contain detailed accounts of notable citizens, often including information about their families, occupations, and contributions to the community, and may include a photograph of the subject or subjects family. Treat the information found in these biographies as a secondary source. Always try to confirm details through primary sources like birth, marriage, and death records.


This is a work in progress.

Biographies from the Centennial History of the City of Newark and Licking County


Alberry, E. W.
Algeo, Thomas
Alsdorf, R. B.
Alward, F. M.
Anderson, H. B.
Anderson, J. B.
Anderson, Jacob
Armstrong, C. V.
Arndt, C. B.
Ashbrook, H. D.
Ashbrook, P. M.
Ashbrook, W. A.
Atherton, Herbert
Atkinson, Joseph


Baird, H. H.
Baker, H. D.
Baker, T. G.
Baldwin, A. J.
Ballou, F. H.
Barb, Allen
Barker, J. W.
Barnes, B. F.
Barnes, E. J.
Barrick, D. H.
Bartholomew, F. C.
Baugher, E. M.
Beall, G. W.
Beard, Andrew
Beaver, L. M.
Beem, Albert
Beem, Alonzo
Beem, J. M.
Beem, M. G.
Bell, W. D.
Benner, J. L.
Besse, Edmund
Bigbee, R. C.
Black, F. M.
Black, James
Bline, A. J.
Bline, D. V.
Bline, T. J.
Blue, S. L.
Bower, J. G.
Boyd, E. E.
Bretz, J. W.
Bricker, C. C.
Bricker, D. A.
Briggs, I. W.
Brill, P. M.
Brister, E. M. P.
Brooks, D. C.
Brooks, F. M.
Brown, N. C.
Brown, N. M.
Bruce, Royal
Buckland, B. S.
Buckland, N. R.
Buckland, S. T.
Burch, H. D.
Burner, J. H.
Bush, S. L.
Bush, Wesley
Butler, Elias
Buxton, H. J.


Cada, A. J.
Cain, Burton
Camp, J. P.
Case, Burton
Case, H. C.
Castle, W. A.
Chapin, Charles T.
Cheek, William
Chism, D. E.
Clem, John L.
Clem, W. M.
Clifton, G. A.
Coad, J. F.
Coburn, Allen
Cochlan, E. A.
Comisford, Joseph
Conger, H. W.
Conrad, J. H.
Conway, H. B.
Cooperrider, Harvey
Cooperrider, Peter
Corkwell, F. E.
Cosner, P. H.
Coulter, T. F.
Coursen, John
Crane, F. A.
Crilly, A. J.
Crist, J. H.
Crist, Levi
Cush, J. B.


Daniels, Phebe A.
Davies, J. R.
Davis, H. J.
Davis, Joseph
Davis, Mrs. Joseph
Decrow, Joseph P.
Deeds, Charles
Deeds, J. J.
Devenney, S. S.
Deyo, J. E.
Dudgeon, F. B.
Dusthimer, J. M.
Dustin, J. L.


Earhart, C. E.
Egolf, H. H.
Egolf, J. H.
Emerson, Roe
Emsweller, D. H.
Emswiler, Adam
Essex, C. R.
Essington, U. K.
Evans, C. E.
Evans, D. L.
Evans, D. O.
Evans, Elias
Evans, F. C.
Evans, Morgan
Evans, Sarah J.


Farnsworth, L. M.
Fausett, Morgan
Fitzgibbon, J. R.
Fleck, Adam
Fleming, C. P.
Fleming, C. V.
Fleming, H. A.
Fleming, N. C.
Fleming, N. Q.
Fleming, Thomas G.
Fleming, W. M.
Flory, J. A.
Follett, A. K.
Forry, C. C.
Forsyth, George
Franklin, G. F.
Franklin, Hooper
Frederick, J. G.
Friddle, J. M.
Fry, John
Fulton, J. W.
Fulton, T. B.
Fulton, W. D.
Fulton, W. N.


Gard, W. W.
Garlinghouse, G. E.
Geiger, D. M.
Geiger, E. W.
Geiger, J. E. O.
Geiger, M. S.
Geiger, P. H.
Geiger, T. S.
Geiger, W. R.
Gibson, H. C.
Gieseck, Henry
Gill, S. A.
Gillespie, J. T.
Glynn, John
Glynn, Morris
Goodrich, Moses
Graham, J. S.
Green, Benjamin
Green, D. D.
Green, G. R.
Green, J. W.
Green, O. J.
Griffith, G. W.
Griffith, H. E.
Grubb, Isaac
Gutridge, G. W.


Haas, F. E.
Haas, S. L.
Hackney, G. R.
Hagy, S. E.
Hall, W. C.
Hamilton, E. D.
Hanby, J. C.
Hankinson, George
Hankinson, T. H.
Hankinson, William
Harris, H. E.
Harris, J. O.
Harris, Mrs. I. W.
Harris, N. E.
Harrison, B. M.
Harrison, F. E.
Hartshorn, C. R.
Hartsock, J. C. Jr.
Hatch, Arthur Clarence
Hatch, C. A.
Hawke, B. L.
Headlee, Lewis
Heisey, A. H.
Heisey, George Duncan
Hendricks, C. W.
Henthorn, M. C.
Hillbrant, A. P.
Hillbrant, T. F.
Hillman, T. B.
Hines, N. A.
Hobart, F. W.
Hodges, J. B.
Holler, William
Holmes, W. E.
Holt, A. J.
Holton, G. W.
Holtz, C. L. V.
Hoover, B. G.
Hoover, C. E.
Horner, J. W.
Houck, Gabriel
House, J. E.
Howard, R. W.
Hoyt, L. V.
Hull, Eli
Hunter, Anthony
Hunter, Robbins
Hursey, J. W.


Innis, J. W.
Irwin, R. T.


Jackson, W. L.
James, S. L.
Johnson, W. H.
Jones, B. E.
Jones, E. B.
Jones, Edward
Jones, G. T.
Jones, J. D.
Jones, J. G.
Jones, P. T.
Jones, R. R.
Jones, Sarah J.
Jones, T. D.
Jones, T. M.
Jones, T. P.
Joseph, Miles


Keckley, J. A.
Keckley, J. M.
Keller, C. E.
Keller, F. B.
Kelsey, L. E.
Kelsey, Milton
Kennedy, F. P.
Kibler, C. H.
King, C. P.
King, W. L.
Kinney, Samuel
Klinck, John
Klinck, Perry
knauss, W. H.
Kneller, William
Kochendorfer, F.
Koontz, H. B.
Krieg, J. C.
Krumm, Philip
Kuhns, Jacob


Lake, C. D.
Lake, J. W.
Lake, L. S.
Lambert, J. M.
Lampton, R. C.
Larason, E. M.
Larimore, Daniel
Larimore, John
Larimore, W. G.
Larimore, William
LaRue, D. W.
Latimer, J. P.
Layman, David
Leamon, Sylvester
Leech, James
Lees, James
Legge, C. F.
Leidigh, J. W.
Levingston, S. B.
Long, James
Longwell, Allen
Longwell, H. C.
Looker, H. M.
Lovett, W. A.
Loyd, J. D.
Loyd, W. S.
Lusk, R. R.
Lyons, S. D.


Mack Brothers,
Marriott, Lora L.
Martin, L. A.
Martin, R. O.
Mattingly, B. J.
Maurath, F. T.
McArthur, J. T.
McClelland, M. J.
McCullough, R. E.
McIntosh, David
McKelvy, J. K.
McKelvy, J. N.
McKinney, J. H.
McKinney, James
McKinney, Josiah
McMillen, I. N.
McMillen, R. S.
McNamara, John
McWilliams, Ray
Melick, Madison
Messenger, Joseph
Metz, C. C.
Metz, W. C.
Milburn, I. N.
Miller, A. R.
Miller, D. H. Sr.
Miller, J. L.
Miller, W. C.
Montgomery, B. E.
Montgomery, C. W.
Montgomery, H. A.
Montgomery, H. S.
Montgomery, M. L.
Montgomery, W. C.
Montgomery, W. H.
Moore, Eli
Moore, J. W.
Moreland, F. B.
Morrison, J. C.
Moser, J. R.
Motherspaugh, S. J.
Musselman, R. B.
Myer, J. H.
Myers, J. W.


Needham, W. S.
Neel, J. C.
Neibarger, W. P.
Nessley, Stephen
Nethers, J. J.
Newark Trust Company,
Newton, J. H.
Nichols, B. F.
Norpell, Carl
Norris, H. O.


Orr, Harvey
Orr, J. H.
Orr, J. S.
Osborn, F. C.
Osborn, J. T.
Owen, R. J.
Owens, T. D.


Palmer, I. N.
Palmer, W. F.
Parker, John
Parr, S. J.
Patterson, Emmett
Patterson, Jurdon
Patton, R. L.
Patton, Thomas
Pearson, William
Peck, Perry
Peck, W. R.
Pence, C. A.
People’s Bank, The
Peters, S. J.
Phillips, S. J.
Phillips, W. L.
Pigg, C. A.
Pigg, D. H.
Pigg, G. T.
Pigg, William
Pitser, A. R.
Pond, W. J.
Pound, Edson
Pound, Joseph
Pound, N. C.
Pratt, C. C.
Pratt, E. A.
Pratt, P.L.
Price, Sarah J.
Priest, S. D.
Prince, J. A.
Pryor, J. O.



Rank, H. D.
Rector, G. N.
Redman, S. L.
Rees, Israel
Rees, William
Renz, Joseph
Reynolds, J. T.
Rice, Josiah A.
Richards, Howell
Richards, S. S.
Richards, Thomas
Rickly, F. G.
Riley, C. L.
Roley, L. W.
Rose, George
Rouse, J. D.
Ruffner, J. E.
Rugg, Elijah P.
Rugg, S. V.
Rusler, H. B.
Russell, L. C.


Schleiffer, Michael
Schwenk, W. K.
Scott, J. M.
Seward, Charles W., Hon.
Sharer, E. M.
Shaw, C. C.
Shaw, Daniel
Shepardson, D. M.
Sherman, W. M.
Shipley, Henry
Shipley, M. M.
Shirer, J. G.
Shrader, McK. D.
Sigler, R. S.
Simkins, J. D.
Simpson, H. L.
Sinnett, Edwin
Sinsabaugh, J. B.
Slater, A. F.
Slife, Charles
Slough, Martin
Smith, A. J.
Smith, D. M.
Smith, F. W.
Smith, G. L.
Smith, G. W.
Smith, H. P.
Smith, Rose Al.
Smith, Sidney
Smith, William H.
Smith, W. L.
Smoke, Jacob
Smoke, S. O.
Smuckler, Isaac
Smythe, B. G.
Smythe, Dwight
Snare, Charles
Sook, O.P.
Speelman, J. W.
Speer, A. T.
Spellman, W. W.
Spencer, C. H.
Stalter, G. W.
Stalter, J. A.
Stanton, A. T.
Stark, Christopher R.
Stasel, A. A.
Stedem, J. P. H.
Stewart, Mary O.
Stimson, C. H.
Stinson, C. M.
Stone, J. N.
Stone, R. B.
Stover, B. F.
Sutphen, Richard
Swartz, G. L.
Swisher, Alvey
Swisher, J. P.
Swisher, J. T.
Swisher, M. W.


Taneyhill, R. L.
Tatham, S. I.
Tavenner, Barton E.
Tavenner, Jonathan
Taylor, M. M.
Taylor, Theodore
Taylor, W. F.
Tharp, I. R.
Tharp, M. T.
Tharp, W. J.
Thomas, D. A.
Thomas, Daniel
Thomas, Evan
Thomas, J. E.
Thomas, R. J.
Thompson, A. D.
Thompson, T. McK.
Tippett, Lee
Trippier, Ella M.
Turner, W. S.
Tyler, Frederick
Tyler, R. F.



Van Fossen, D. L.
Van Fossen, G. W.
Van Tassell, C. W.
Van Voorhis, Daniel
Van Voorhis, S. F.
Vanatta, W. F.
Vanderbark, Jacob, Sr.


Wagner, M. A.
Wagy, C. A.
Warner, Margaret M.
Warner, Willard
Watkins, David
Watkins, J. H.
Watkins, Maurice
Watterson, C. H. A.
Weaver, Charles
Weaver, David
Weayent, William
Weiant, W.S .
Weiss, J. F.
Wells, C. H.
Wells, C. N.
Wells, Charles
Wells, G. E.
Wells, G. U.
Whitehead, J. B.
Whitehead, W. L.
Wilkin, Franklin
Wilkins, Charles
Williams, Catharine S.
Williams, Hugh
Williams, J. F.
Williams, J. W.
Williams, M. J.
Williams, Samuel
Willison, A. L.
Wilson, A. J.
Wilson, C. B.
Wilson, Israel W.
Wilson, W. F.
Winslow, H. E.
Winter, C. C.
Wolfe, J. P.
Woods, C. R.
Woods, W. B.
Wright, C. W.
Wright, F. P.
Wright, J. M.
Wright, J. N.
Wright, R. F.
Wright, T. F.
Wright, W. E.
Wulfhoop, W. F.
Wyeth, Arthur
Wyeth, R. S.
Wyly, J. L.



Yoakam, M. W.
Young, Edward
Young, J. U.
Young, O. B.
Youst, R. F.
Youst, William
Yowell, E. G.


Zartman, Aaron
Zartman, J. S.
Zergiebel, Robert


Brister, Edwin M. P. Centennial History of the City of Newark and Licking County, Ohio, 2 vols. S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1909.

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