Biographies of Williams County Ohio

We are actively publishing online the biographies from volume 2 of A Standard History of Williams County, Ohio by Charles A. Bowersox. County histories are a treasure trove for genealogists, offering a glimpse into the lives of ancestors and the communities they inhabited. By carefully utilizing these biographies, researchers can piece together family histories, understand the socio-economic backdrop of their ancestors’ lives, and connect with the past in a meaningful way. With patience and thorough investigation, the stories uncovered can enrich family narratives for generations to come.

While county histories are rich in information, they also have limitations. The biographical sketches were often submitted by the families themselves and might emphasize positive aspects while omitting less favorable details. Additionally, not all families were included, typically favoring those who were more prominent or could afford to pay for inclusion.

The biographical sketches usually contain detailed accounts of notable citizens, often including information about their families, occupations, and contributions to the community, and may include a photograph of the subject or subjects family. Treat the information found in these biographies as a secondary source. Always try to confirm details through primary sources like birth, marriage, and death records.


This is a work in progress.

Current Williams County Biographies Online

  1. J. E. Alspaugh
  2. Joseph P. Arnold
  3. Hiram E. Batterson
  4. Jesse W. Beerbower
  5. George M. Benner
  6. Dr. Glen Biddle
  7. Eliel T. Binns
  8. George G. Bloom
  9. Dayton M. Blue
  10. C. H. Boone
  11. Charles L. Bowen
  12. Orlie H. Bowen
  13. Horace D. Boynton
  14. George A. Brim
  15. Harvey F. Brown
  16. F. M. Bruns
  17. Joseph Burkhart
  18. Samuel F. Burkhart
  19. Emmet E. Calvin
  20. Harry B. Calvin
  21. M. M. Cameron
  22. Edmond C. Carlin
  23. Wesley Casebere
  24. George Z. Castor
  25. Byron W. Clark
  26. Harley F. Clark
  27. Clifford Clemens
  28. Lyman O. Cook
  29. Frank Copeland
  30. Ernest E. Culbertson
  31. George W. Custar
  32. B. E. Custer
  33. William Marcus Dunlap
  34. C. Rome Dustin
  35. Henry W. Ellis
  36. Jacob A. Fabee
  37. William Felger
  38. Frank C. Flickinger
  39. Edward Frappier
  40. Wilbur M. Fyke
  41. Curtis D. Gardner
  42. William H. Gardner
  43. George F. Gentit
  44. William Hawkins
  45. John S. Ingram
  46. Ora A. Keiser, D. D. S.
  47. Grant S. Kintigh
  48. Franklin Knecht
  49. Daniel P. Koch
  50. Oscar Frank Koch
  51. Levi B. Kunkle
  52. William M. Kurtz
  53. John M. Hodson
  54. Martin T. Hodson
  55. Leland S. Houlton
  56. John A. Leavy
  57. Zeph Lees
  58. Dwight O. Leslie
  59. William M. Maneval
  60. Ora R. Manning
  61. Daniel C. McTaggart, M. D.
  62. David J. Mettler
  63. Guy Mignin
  64. Lewis P. Mignin
  65. H. Cortez Miller
  66. Levi Miller
  67. Elias S. Myers
  68. Benjamin Franklin Neff
  69. A. Earl Newcomer
  70. Roy E. Oberlin
  71. Lewis T. Perkins
  72. Ed Piper
  73. Fred Planson
  74. H. F. Planson
  75. Hezekiah Poast
  76. William E. Riley
  77. William Rittenour
  78. Charles A. Roode
  79. David Shaffer
  80. Silas Shaffer
  81. Eli R. Sheline
  82. William Henry Shinn
  83. John Wilson Sloan
  84. Alva E. Snyder, M. D.
  85. Jesse G. Snyder
  86. G. Grant Stahl
  87. Emanuel W. Starr
  88. Eli E. Strayer
  89. H. A. Throne
  90. Walter S. Tomlinson
  91. Martin Troxel
  92. Joseph M. Vail
  93. E. E. Vernier
  94. Frank N. Watson
  95. J. Arter Weaver
  96. Harry W. Wertz, M. D.
  97. Byron S. Williams
  98. H. J. Wineland
  99. George J. Wise
  100. Albert L. Youse

Source: Bowersox, Charles A. ed. A standard history of Williams County, Ohio: an authentic narrative of the past, with particular attention to the modern era in the commercial, industrial, educational, civic and social development , 2 vols. Publisher Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co. 1920.

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