Biography of Dayton M. Blue

Dayton M. Blue’s life, rooted in Superior Township since his birth on November 8, 1859, embodies the enduring spirit of familial legacy and agricultural dedication. Son to Dennis H. and Adaline C. (Purdy) Blue, Dayton’s narrative is woven into the fabric of Williams County, where his parents settled and contributed to the community. Despite losing his mother at a young age and taking on the world at seventeen, Dayton successfully managed to cultivate a 100-acre farm, symbolizing resilience and self-reliance. His marriage to Amanda J. Custer in 1881 and their descendants further enrich his story, marking the continuation of a family deeply intertwined with the land and its history.

Dayton M. Blue. — It has been the privilege of Dayton M. Blue, of Superior Township, to always live in one locality. He was born there November 8, 1859, and is a son of Dennis H. and Adaline C. (Purdy) Blue. The father was born in Seneca County and the mother in Port Clinton. They were married in Seneca County and located in Superior Township, Williams County. Mr. Blue was a democrat, a member of the Masonic Lodge and a Civil war soldier. He was an active member of Hiram Louden Post, Grand Army of the Republic,

There were four children born to Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Blue. Sarah is the wife of Jacob Schull, and Mary the wife of Frank Schull. Dayton M. Blue, who enrolls the family, is between them in age, and a brother, Peter Blue, who educated himself for teaching, died in St. Louis. D. M. Blue was reared on the farm where he was born and attended the district school in Superior Township. His mother died when he was twelve, and at seventeen he began doing for himself, working at whatever presented itself. From young manhood he has made his own way in the world. He owns 100 acres of land.

On September 18, 1881, D. M. Blue married Amanda J. Custer. She is a daughter of John and Lydia (Tumblin) Custer, both of whom came from Columbiana County. The Tumblins were of Irish lineage, and they located on a farm in Williams County. The two sons born to Mr. and Mrs. Blue are: Dennis H., who married his brother Burton’s widow. He is a brakeman on the Wabash and lives in Montpelier. Burton B. Blue was born July 4, 1894, and was accidentally killed by gunshot while rabbit hunting January 1, 1915. He was mar-… (1) Paragraph in book is missing information … and since his death his wife, her name was Bertha Waltz, became the wife of his brother, Dennis H. Blue. They have two children: Burton B. and Rachel Irene Blue.

John and Lydia Custer, who came from Columbiana to Williams County, had eleven children: Jacob, Martin, Amanda, Anna, George, Nettie, William, Millie, John. Samuel and Burton. Mrs. Blue’s father and mother were members of the United Brethren Church in the community. Their children were all brought up under the influence of the church.

Source: Bowersox, Charles A. ed. A standard history of Williams County, Ohio: an authentic narrative of the past, with particular attention to the modern era in the commercial, industrial, educational, civic and social development , 2 vols. Publisher Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co. 1920.


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