Biography of George F. Gentit

George F. Gentit, born on March 6, 1872, near West Unity, Williams County, Ohio, is a respected farmer and stock-raiser in Springfield Township. Son of French natives Peter and Margaret (Mungo) Gentit, George owns 248 acres of well-maintained farmland. He married Eliza Goll in 1893, and they have three children: Alfred, Charles, and Francis. Active in the Lutheran Church and a trustee, George is also a stockholder in the Farmers’ Grain Elevator at Pulaski. Known for his sound judgment and community involvement, he enjoys a sterling reputation in his community.

George F. Gentit.— One of the up-to-date fanners and stock-raisers of Springfield Township, Williams County, who has worked hard for what he now possesses is George F. Gentit. He knows how to appreciate the true dignity of labor and to place a correct estimate upon the value of money. Nevertheless, he is liberal in his benefactions and stands ever ready to support with his influence and means all measures for the material and moral welfare of the community in which he has so long resided. Among those who know him best he bears the reputation of a man who exercises sound judgment and who has pronounced views, and he keeps himself well informed upon all matters pertaining to the public weal or woe and always exercises the duties of citizenship in a conscientious manner.

George F. Gentit, whose fine farm is located two miles west of Stryker, was born near West Unity, Williams County, on March 6, 1872, and he is the son of Peter and Margaret (Mungo) Gentit. Both of these parents were natives of France, whence the father came to the United States at the age of eight years. Later he returned to his native land and was married, returning to this county immediately thereafter. He spent the rest of his days here, his death occurring in February, 1919, his widow survived him until January, 1920. They became the parents of five children, namely: Ortense, the wife of Elsie Bruot; Leon, of Springfield Township; Peter, of Stryker; Fannie, wife of William Thiel, of Pulaski Township; George F.

George F. Gentit was reared on the parental farmstead and attended the district schools during his boyhood. He has always followed the vocation of farming, in which he has met with pronounced success, owing to his indefatigable industry, his sound judgment and his business ability, and is numbered among the leading farmers of his section of the county. He carries on a general line of farming, in connection with which he gives some attention to stock raising. He owns 248 acres of land, which is well improved and maintained at a high standard of cultivation. Mr. Gentit is a stockholder in the Farmers’ Grain Elevator at Pulaski.

In 1893 Mr. Gentit was married to Eliza Goll and they have three children living, namely: Alfred G., born on November 24, 1894, received his education in the district schools; on June 25, 1918, he enlisted in the United States military service and was sent to Camp Sherman, at Chillicothe, Ohio, where he remained until September 2, 1918, when he was sent to France. He was assigned to the “S. O. S.,” remaining in that service until the summer of the following year, when he returned home and on July 26, 1919, he was mustered out at Camp Sherman, with the rank of corporal. He is a member of the Knights of Pythias. He is unmarried and remains at home. Charles, the second child in order of birth, graduated from the Stryker High School in 1916, and is also a member of the Knights of Pythias. The youngest child, Francis, is a student in the Stryker High School.

Mr. and Mrs. Gentit are active members of the Lutheran Church, of which society Mr. Gentit is a trustee. He has been successful in business, respected in social life and as a neighbor he has discharged his duties in a manner becoming a liberal-minded and intelligent citizen of a community where the essential qualities of manhood have ever been recognized and prized at their true value, therefore he has justly merited the splendid reputation which he enjoys throughout his section of the county.

Source: Bowersox, Charles A. ed. A standard history of Williams County, Ohio: an authentic narrative of the past, with particular attention to the modern era in the commercial, industrial, educational, civic and social development , 2 vols. Publisher Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co. 1920.

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