Biography of Edward Frappier of Bryan Ohio

Edward Frappier is one of the principals in the progressive firm which has developed at Bryan a substantial and well ordered business enterprise under the title of the Bryan Ice & Ice Cream Company, the plant and service of which are of the best modern standard.

Mr. Frappier was born in Trumbull County, Ohio, March 26, 1867, and, as the name indicates, the lineage on the paternal side traces back to French origin. He is a son of Francis and Melisse (Merou) Frappier, both of whom were born and reared in the Dominion of Canada, where their marriage was solemnized and where nine of their children were born. In 1866 they came to Ohio and established their home in Trumbull County, where the death of the mother occurred in 1871, the father having subsequently contracted a second marriage. He whose name initiates this sketch was about four years old at the time of his mother’s death, and after his father’s second marriage he remained at the paternal home until he was a lad of about eight years, when he was virtually thrown upon his own resources. He thus began productive work when a mere boy, and he managed to attend school at intervals, both in Ohio and Michigan, to which latter state he went when he was about seventeen years of age. There he was employed at farm work until he was nineteen years old, when he purchased a stump-puller and with the same established an independent business enterprise. He operated this machine six seasons, and thereafter was engaged in the draying business four years, besides which he did a minor but profitable contracting business. He finally sold his draying business in Michigan, and he passed the following year at Decatur, Indiana, whence, in 1896, he came to Williams County, Ohio, where his energy and ability enabled him to find profitable employment of varied kinds. He finally purchased a hay-baler, ‘ and this he successfully operated until he turned his attention to contracting. With this latter enterprise Mr. Frappier continued his active association until April, 1916, when he formed a partnership with O. W. Gleason and established the business which has since been conducted under the title of the Bryan Ice & Ice Cream Company. This concern handles ice both at wholesale and retail and the same functions apply in connection with its manufacturing of ice cream of the highest grade. The business has been developed to substantial volume and is one of no little relative importance in the capital city of Williams County. The firm also has modern facilities for the moving of buildings and for the execution of excavation and concrete work, and a substantial contracting business is controlled in these lines. Mr. Frappier has been in the most significant sense the architect of his own fortunes, and the success which he has achieved is thus the more pleasing to note. His political support is given to the republican party and he takes loyal interest in the welfare and advancement of his home community.

In 1900 Mr. Frappier wedded Miss Patti Stevens, who was born and reared at Bryan and who was graduated from the high school. Mr. and Mrs. Frappier have five children — Leroy, Pauline, Dorothy, Jo and Frances.

Source: Bowersox, Charles A. ed. A standard history of Williams County, Ohio: an authentic narrative of the past, with particular attention to the modern era in the commercial, industrial, educational, civic and social development , 2 vols. Publisher Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co. 1920.

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