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York, Athens County, Ohio Genealogy

Prominent among the early citizens of York was Mr. James Knight. He was born in Pulborough, England, and emigrated to the United States when thirty-two years old, came immediately to York township, and settled here in July, 1821. He became at once thoroughly identified with the interests of the township, and especially of Nelsonville, and during his residence here was one of the most active and influential citizens, participating earnestly in the local improvements and social movements of the day, such as the building of bridges, school and meeting houses, the establishment of Sunday and day schools, etc. He kept […]

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Rome, Athens County, Ohio Genealogy

The first person who settled in what is now Rome township was David Dailey, a veteran soldier of the revolution, and decidedly ” a character.” Born in Vermont in 1750, he removed to western New York after his discharge from the army, and thence to Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania, whence he migrated in the year 1797 to the northwestern territory. With his family, consisting of two daughters and five sons, of whom Benonah H. Dailey, of Carthage township (the youngest son), is now the sole survivor, he came down the Ohio river in a pirogue to the mouth of the Hockhocking, and

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Rome, Athens County, Ohio History

Rome was formed from a portion of the township of Troy in 18 11. The first entry on the subject, in the records of the county commissioners, is as follows: “Thursday, April 4, 1811.-Ordered by the commissioners, That so much of the township of Troy as is contained in the original surveyed townships, numbered 5 and 6, in the 11th range, and 6 in the 12th range, be erected into a new township by the name of Rome. . “Ordered by the commissioners, That their clerk notify the inhabitants of the township of Rome to meet at the house of

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Passage of Hockhocking River

In early times, and for many years after the organization of the county, the passage of the river was made by ferry boats-little scows which were poled and rowed across. In 1800 there was a ferry kept by old Arthur Coates (called Coates’s ferry) a few rods below where the south bridge now stands, and another one called Harper’s ferry, kept by William Harper, about 100 yards above where the Marietta and Cincinnati railroad crosses the Hockhocking, west of Athens just where the road turns. Mr. Harper lived a short distance the other side of the river, and Isaac Barker,

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Athens County, Ohio Military Records

Athens County, Ohio Revolutionary War Records Pension Applications, Individuals 1840 Pensioners Census The information contained in this 1840 Pensioners Census database is a compilation of the data on the Revolutionary War pensioners gathered from the 1840 census returns. The information is organized by place – state, county, then township. It also lists the name and age of the veteran, and the name of the head of household with whom the pensioner resided on the census date. Athens County, Ohio War of 1812 Records Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812 – Access Genealogy The roster of the war

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Athens County, Ohio Genealogy and History

This township was originally a part of Alexander. The eastern half of Lodi was included in Carthage when that township was organized in 1819, and was not detached till 1826. Lodi was separately organized in April of that year, and, according to the records, only fourteen votes were cast at the first township election held in the spring of 1827. The population of the township in 1830 was 276; in 1840 it was 754; in 1850 it was 1,336; in 1860 it was 1,598. Joseph Thompson was one of the earliest settlers in Lodi. He lived on the farm now

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Lee, Athens County, Ohio History and Genealogy

Lee township, originally a part of Alexander, was separately organized in November, 1819. Among the earliest settlers here were Capt. John Martin, a revolutionary soldier, Philip Smith, Henry Cassel, Ziba McVey, Daniel Knowlton, George Canny, John Holdren, William Brown, William Graham, Jacob Lentner, James McGonnegal, Francis Thomas, Samuel Luckey, Hiram Howlett, and John Doughty. The population of the township in 1820 was 342; in 1830 it was 458; in 1840 it was 848; in 1850 it was 961; in 1860 it was 1,301. The inhabitants of Lee are principally engaged in agriculture, and her farmers rank among the best. Latterly

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Athens County, Ohio Land Records

Land Records hosted at Access Free Genealogy 1804 Ordinance Selling Land Lots in Athens 1806 2nd Ordinance Selling Land Lots in Athens Athens County Land Records This is an index to the available records for Athens County, Ohio that are online at Bureau of Land Management‘s website. Additional information, including images of the land transaction, and links to order hard copies of these land records can be found at their website. ALLEN, ANDREW OH Athens 10/2/1826 Marietta 417 OH0010__.416 ARNOLD, BENNET P OH Athens 3/20/1837 Marietta 2724 OH0060__.222 ARNOLD, MARY A OH Athens 8/21/1837 Marietta 3242 OH1100__.206 BAILEY, WILLIAM B

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Athens County, Ohio Indians

In 1769 the territory included within the limits of the present State of Ohio was an almost unbroken wilderness. The beautiful river that forms its southern boundary had, indeed, been threaded by a few eager explorers; but the white man had not yet established himself upon its banks. So too Lake Erie, on the north, had long before been furrowed by the adventurous craft of civilized men; but on all its borders there was not a hamlet nor a house. Over the whole region, now so thickly populated, brooded the silence of savage life. The rivers were ploughed only by

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Athens County

Athens County Ohio Genealogy and History

Welcome to Athens County Ohio genealogy and history website. My name is Dennis Partridge, and I am your host. The vast majority of information on this website is based upon History of Athens County, Ohio, by Charles M. Walker, Cincinnati, R. Clarke, 1869. We’ve added, corrected and subtracted from this data as we’ve identified flaws or came upon new data. Please excuse any additional mistakes that could be present in such a large collection of data. Most of the township histories below, have additional links taking the visitor to each township record of officers as present at Access Free Genealogy.

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