Guernsey County Ohio Congressmen

From 1803 to 1813 Ohio was represented in the Congressional House of Representatives by Jeremiah Morrow, of Warren county, who from 1813 to 1819 was one of the senators of the state in Congress; from 1822 to 1824 he was governor of Ohio. The members of Congress representing Guernsey county from 1810 are shown by the subjoined table:

1809-13Jeremiah MorrowWarren county
1813-17James CaldwellBelmont county
1817-21Samuel HerrickMuskingum county
1821-23John C. WrightJefferson county
1823-25John PattersonBelmont county
1825-27David JenningsBelmont county
1827-29John DavenportBelmont county
1829-33William KennonBelmont county
1833-35James M. BellGuernsey county
1835-37William KennonBelmont county
1837-39Alexander HarperMuskingum county
1839-41Isaac ParrishGuernsey county
1841-43Benjamin S. CowenBelmont county
1843-45Alexander HarperMuskingum county
1845-47Alexander HarperMuskingum county
1847-51Nathan EvansGuernsey county
1851-53Alexander HarperMuskingum county
1853-55Wilson ShannonBelmont county
1855-57Charles J. AlbrightGuernsey county
1857-59William LawrenceGuernsey county
1859-61Thomas C. TheakerBelmont county
1861-63James R. MorrisMonroe county
1863-65Joseph W. WhiteGuernsey county
1865-73John A. BinghamHarrison county
1873-77Lorenzo DanfordBelmont county
1877-79Gibson AthertonLicking county
1879-81Jonathan T. UpdegraffJefferson county
1881-83J. D. TaylorGuernsey county
1883-85J. T. Updegraff
1885-87J. D. TaylorGuernsey county
1887-89J. D. TaylorGuernsey county
1889-91H. C. Van Voorhis
1891-93H. C. Van Voorhis
1893-95H. C. Van Voorhis
1895-97H. C. Van Voorhis
1897-99H. C. Van Voorhis
1899-1901H. C. Van Voorhis
1901-03H. C. Van Voorhis
1903-05H. C. Van Voorhis
1905-07B. G. Davis
1907-09James Joyce
1909-1911James Joyce

From the eleventh to the twenty-second General Assembly, inclusive, Guernsey, Tuscarawas and Coshocton counties composed a senatorial district. From the twenty-third to the forty-third General Assembly, Guernsey and Monroe counties constituted a senatorial district. To the forty-fourth, forty-fifth, forty-sixth, forty-seventh, forty-eighth and forty-ninth General As- semblies, Guernsey and Coshocton joined in electing senators. From the fiftieth General Assembly, the first under the 1851 constitution, Guernsey and Monroe have composed a senatorial district.

Guernsey county first obtained a separate representation in the lower House in 1812. At present (1911) Guernsey county is within the nineteenth senatorial district, while it is within the fifteenth congressional district of Ohio.


Sarchet, Cyrus P. B. (Cyrus Parkinson Beatty). History of Guernsey County, Ohio. Vol. 1, B.F. Bowen & Company, 1911.

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