Independent Order of Odd Fellows

A Standard History of Williams County Ohio, Vol 2, Title Page

Biography of Ed Piper

Ed Piper was a prominent business owner in Stryker, Williams County, specializing in heating and plumbing. Born on February 3, 1877, in New Holstein, Wisconsin to Henry and Mary (Greve) Piper, he grew up on a farm before apprenticing in tinning. After working in different towns, Piper settled in Stryker in 1898, joining the Beucler Manufacturing Company and eventually acquiring the business. He expanded the company to include heating and plumbing, creating a successful venture that drew customers from a wide area. Married to Anna Strong, the couple had five children. Piper, a Republican and Odd Fellows member, was recognized for his integrity, community spirit, and business acumen.

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A Standard History of Williams County Ohio, Vol 2, Title Page

Biography of Lewis T. Perkins

Lewis T. Perkins’ tenure as sheriff of Williams County since 1919 showcases his natural leadership and dedication to law enforcement, effectively deterring criminal activities within his jurisdiction. Born in Gratiot County, Michigan, on June 29, 1880, Perkins’ roots trace back to early settlers, embodying a legacy of hard work and community service through his family’s history. His journey from Michigan to Ohio and back, and eventually into the law enforcement sphere, reflects a narrative of self-reliance and commitment to public service. Alongside his professional achievements, Perkins maintains a strong connection to his family’s Masonic heritage, further enriching his role within the community.

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A Standard History of Williams County Ohio, Vol 2, Title Page

Biography of Harry W. Wertz, M. D of Montpelier Ohio

Delve into the storied career of Harry W. Wertz, M.D., whose profound impact as a physician and surgeon in Williams County, Ohio, underscores a life dedicated to medical excellence and compassion. Born in Superior Township, Dr. Wertz’s journey from a farm boy to the founder of Wertz Hospital in Montpelier highlights his commitment to healthcare and community service. A graduate of the Kentucky School of Medicine in 1890, his specialization in surgery and establishment of a much-needed hospital in 1910 mark him as a pivotal figure in local medical history. Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Wertz’s service as a captain in the medical department during World War I and affiliations with prestigious medical societies speak to his broader contributions to medicine and society.

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Centennial History vol 2 title page

Biography of Hon. Charles W. Seward

Hon. Charles W. Seward, formerly probate judge and now serving for the second term as judge of the common pleas court of Licking county, is a prominent representative of the bar of this section of the state. Devotedly attached to his profession, systematic and methodical in habit, sober and discreet in judgment, calm in temper, diligent in research, conscientious in the discharge of every duty, courteous and kind in demeanor, and inflexibly just on all occasions, these qualities have enabled Judge Seward to take high rank among those who have won judicial honors or have practiced before the courts of

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