Biography of Alpheus L. Stevens

This biography explores the life and career of Alpheus L. Stevens, a prominent attorney and public servant from an influential Guernsey County family. Delve into his journey from humble beginnings on his father’s farm to becoming a respected lawyer, prosecutor, and postmaster, while remaining an unassuming and community-oriented individual.

A well-known attorney of Cambridge, and the representative of one of the old and influential families of Guernsey County is Alpheus L. Stevens, whose birth occurred on July 25, 1864, in Londonderry Township, Guernsey County. He is the son of James and Ann (Morrow) Stevens, the father a native of Germany and the mother of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The Stevens family were pioneers here and influential in the affairs of their locality for several generations. James Stevens devoted his life to agricultural pursuits and was very successful in the same, establishing a good home and developing an excellent farm. Politically, he was a Republican, and while he kept well informed on political and current topics, he was never active in party affairs. After lives of usefulness and honor, he and his good life companion are sleeping the sleep of the just in the Antrim cemetery.

Alpheus L. Stevens spent his youth on his father’s farm and was found in the fields assisting with the crops at a very early age. He attended the public schools during the winter months. Being an ambitious lad, he studied hard and prepared himself for a career at the bar, being duly admitted to practice law in June 1895. He opened an office in Cambridge and has been very successful, having built up a very satisfactory clientele.

Politically, Mr. Stevens is a Republican, and he has always been a party worker. Recognizing his ability as a persistent, painstaking attorney and as a public-spirited man of affairs, his friends urged his nomination for prosecuting attorney in 1899. Duly elected to this office, the duties of which he very faithfully discharged, serving Guernsey County in this capacity for two terms, or a period of six years, in a manner that reflected credit upon himself and to the satisfaction of all concerned.

On January 24, 1910, Mr. Stevens was appointed postmaster of Cambridge by President Taft, and he assumed the duties of this office on February 4th following. His selection to this important post has met with general approval. Mr. Stevens is a Mason and a member of the Presbyterian Church. He is deeply interested in the welfare of his community and county but is conservative and unassuming in all walks of life.


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