Athens County Ohio Genealogy and History

Welcome to Athens County Ohio genealogy and history website. My name is Dennis Partridge, and I am your host. The vast majority of information on this website is based upon History of Athens County, Ohio, by Charles M. Walker, Cincinnati, R. Clarke, 1869. We’ve added, corrected and subtracted from this data as we’ve identified flaws or came upon new data. Please excuse any additional mistakes that could be present in such a large collection of data.

Most of the township histories below, have additional links taking the visitor to each township record of officers as present at Access Free Genealogy.

History of Athens County, Ohio

Township Histories of Athens County, Ohio

7 thoughts on “Athens County Ohio Genealogy and History”

  1. They talk about a Barn raising in Rome Township and when they were done raising the barn, they danced with Mrs. Wickham, then Mr. Wickham. I have pictures of John & Clarina (Culver) Wickham that could go with the story.

    1. If someone would contact me, I could forward the pictures of John & Clarinda Wickham. The website doesn’t allow me to do so now.

  2. Am researching Mr. James Knight of West Sussex, who was instrumental in building much of Nelsonville, Ohio. Am interested in any descendants? What happened to his papers after his death in 1836

  3. I am researching a John Paugh born in 1753 – 1862. One-hundred and Eight years old when he passed. He was 104 years old when he was placed in the Athens County Infirmary in May 14, 1857. And is buried in the Athens Cemetery, which is still located on the same grounds of the infirmary. Am interested in any descendants of his family. His obituary, if there was one written up or any info that may have been written about his life. Did he serve in the military, his wife name, how many children he had. Thanks for any help. Very little is written about his life and how he lived to be 108 years old.
    Thanks again, Stelts A’m happy to share info that I may have……Paugh, Craig, Wrights, and Daugherty (PA, Ohio, Virginia, WV)

  4. Capt. Benjamin Brown was my 5th Great Grandfather, I am descended from his son Samuel Mason Brown. Thank you for a very interesting accounting of the early days of Ames and some of the role my ancestors played in it’s development. I visited Ames a few years back and was given a tour inside the “Coonskin Library” behind the school, I cannot describe the feeling of pride in my ancestors for what they went through and accomplished. In researching the family, I cannot find any information about the whereabouts of Mary “Polly” Poole Brown, wife of Samuel, who died after she gave birth to Apphia Brown, including the year of her death or where she was buried. If anyone has any information please let me know.

  5. I am interested in more information on Solomon Newton. He is my 4th generation grandfather on my mothers side. I will be passing through your area in September and would like to see where they resided and where he and any other ancestors are buried. I am also curious if there are any of his ancestors still living there.
    Solomon Newton, a native of Worcester, Massachusetts, came to Athens county in 1821, and settled in Trimble in 1822. His place was on the creek about three miles below James Dew’s, and, being situated on the main road between Athens and Zanesville, was formerly very well known. Mr. Newton died in 1849.
    Kim Garber – Wisconsin

  6. Jennifer Jenkins

    My grandmother lived on old Route 2 around Sharpsburg around 1905. I am looking for some information on this and where specifically it was.

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