Athens County, Ohio Genealogy and History

Welcome to Athens County, Ohio genealogy and history website. My name is Dennis Partridge, and I am your host. The vast majority of information on this website is based upon History of Athens County, Ohio, by Charles M. Walker, Cincinnati, R. Clarke, 1869. We’ve added, corrected and subtracted from this data as we’ve identified flaws or came upon new data. Please excuse any additional mistakes that could be present in such a large collection of data.

Most of the township histories below, have additional links taking the visitor to each township record of officers as present at Access Free Genealogy.

History of Athens County, Ohio

Township Histories of Athens County, Ohio

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1 thought on “Athens County, Ohio Genealogy and History”

  1. They talk about a Barn raising in Rome Township and when they were done raising the barn, they danced with Mrs. Wickham, then Mr. Wickham. I have pictures of John & Clarina (Culver) Wickham that could go with the story.

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